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Home / Terms and Conditions / RYA Course - Adult bookings
Home / Terms and Conditions / RYA Course - Adult bookings

RYA Course - Adult bookings

By making a booking it will be deemed that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

If you are not already a member of Frensham Pond Sailing Club (FPSC) then your course fee includes Training Membership. This runs from the start of your course until 31st October, allowing you to build on your training by sailing at the Club and hiring its boats (subject to conditions and successful completion of your course).

1.Payment for training courses

Once FPSC has accepted your application for a course it will request payment for the full amount of the course fees.

    • -If you cancel the course up to 4 weeks before the start of the course a refund of 75% will be made.
    • -If you cancel the course up to 7 days before the start of the course a refund of 50% will be made.
    • -If you cancel the course within 7 days of the start date, no refund will be made.
    • -If you find a suitable candidate to take your place on the course then a full refund will be made.
    • -A full or partial refund or alternative sessions may be offered to a student forced to withdraw from a course because of injury sustained during the course.

2.Frensham Pond Sailing Club Cancellation

FPSC may cancel a course for any reason (e.g. equipment failure or bad weather). It will attempt to reschedule the course but if this is not possible or if a student is unable to attend on the alternative dates then a full refund will be made.

FPSC may exclude any student from a session or whole course if they are unable to participate effectively due to medical or health problems; cause damage; cause annoyance to others; pose a safety risk to themselves or others; or refuse to comply with the Booking Terms.

3.Medical Information and Impairments

In the interests of your safety and to enable FPSC to make any reasonable adjustments to accommodate you, when you book a course you must inform FPSC about any medical conditions; physical or mental impairments; or dietary intolerances that may affect your ability to take part in the course or any treatment to be given to you in the event of an emergency.

Declaring information about dietary intolerances does not reduce your responsibility to ensure that you check what you eat or drink is consistent with your dietary needs.

Medical information will be shared with those responsible for supervising the course. It will be handled in accordance with FPSC's Data Privacy Policy which is available from the Club website

4.Health Warnings for Inland Waters

Weil's Disease is a bacterial infection carried in rats' urine which contaminates water and wet ground. The bacteria may be absorbed through the skin, mouth, eyes or minor cuts and abrasions. If you feel ill or develop a high temperature, a flu-like illness and muscle pains after training then seek medical advice promptly and ask for a blood test for Weil's disease.

Blue-Green Algae are present in Frensham Great Pond. On occasions growth of the blue-green algae becomes excessive and causes blooms and scum, which in turn may produce toxins which can be harmful to people and fatal to animals which drink from the water. Whilst problems are rare, children and vulnerable adults are at greater risk because they may be less able to appreciate the risks and to take appropriate precautions.

FPSC has produced a fact sheet covering the effects of blue-green algae and precautions that you should take to minimise the risk. This is available from the "Training" drop down menu on the Club's website at .

5.Personal Possessions

All personal possessions, including sailing kit, cars, money and other valuables are brought to FPSC at the owner's risk and the Club cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to them.

Small lockers which will hold money and other valuables are available in the changing rooms for use at your own risk. You will need a £1 coin to operate a locker.

6.Data Protection

Personal information you provide will be used solely for administering your course booking and managing your membership of FPSC. It will be stored and used in accordance with FPSC's Data Privacy Policy which is available on the Club website

Courses for Instructor, Power Boat Level 2 and Safety Boat qualifications require personal data to be shared with the RYA so that it can record your qualification, update any records it may hold on you, and verify or replace your certificate. The RYA will handle your data according to its privacy policy, available at

On successful completion of all other courses your name, certificate number and date of issue will be stored by FPSC for seven years to allow the Club to replace your certificate if required.

7.Photography and Videos

The use of any camera or other device to capture personal images in FPSC's changing rooms is strictly forbidden. Anyone doing so will be asked to surrender any such images immediately and escorted from the site. Any member doing so will also be liable to expulsion from the Club.

Similarly, the use of mobile 'phones in changing rooms is strictly forbidden.

FPSC may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken during its courses for use as a training aid; for recognising achievement; to assist with course management; and/or inclusion on your RYA certificate (if applicable). Any such images, which may include images of you, will be used solely by FPSC to facilitate training and will not be shared with any third parties (unless required by the RYA for a certificate). By booking a course you agree that images of you can be used for these purposes and agree to assign any copyright or other right of ownership of these images to FPSC without payment to you.

Where you can be reasonably identified in images that FPSC wishes to use for any other purpose such as to promote the Club or its activities through newsletters, websites, press reports and/or social media channels then it will ask for your written consent to do so.

If you become aware that images are being used inappropriately you should inform the Club's Safeguarding Officer or

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